Catholic Schools of Brevard County

July 22, 2018

Student Testimonials


“The education that I received at Ascension and Melbourne Central Catholic High School has given me a solid, well-rounded foundation to pursue my goal of attending an Ivy League university. Both schools provided me with challenging academics and enrichment opportunities. The schools also allowed me to grow in my faith and to develop a strong moral character which will benefit me for the rest of my life. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend these Catholic schools that have allowed me to reach my full potential.”

Robert Batista, MCC Valedictorian, 2011, Yale University junior



“What I have learned in my education at Our Lady of Lourdes and Melbourne Central Catholic High School will stay with me for a lifetime. Not only was I challenged to succeed in a stimulating academic environment, but I was also inspired to grow spiritually. I discovered the importance of compassion, responsibility, and independent thinking. Catholic schools have provided me with a complete education – one that has encouraged my mental, spiritual, and physical development.

Jennifer Leggett, MCC Salutatorian, 2011, University of Florida junior



“Attending Saint Joseph’s and Melbourne Central Catholic High School offered an exceptional learning environment where I was able to express and learn about my faith in a supportive community. My friends that I made during my years in Catholic school remain close to me because our faith is the thread that binds our friendship together. I will continue to grow in my faith even after I leave Catholic school because it has given me a solid foundation that will carry me through life.”

Kimberly Cremerius, University of South Florida nursing junior



“My Catholic education has helped me to academically achieve my potential and taught me how to cooperate with people with diverse backgrounds and personalities. It has allowed me to decide which aspects of my life hold the most significance and brings me to a better understanding of where God dwells in my life and where He wants me to go. Without the teachers at St. Mary’s and MCC pushing me forward, the foundation on which I built my future would never have become as sturdy as I have created it.”

Mary Thornburg, Brevard Community College student



Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School and Melbourne Central Catholic High School have challenged me to be the best I can be. I have excelled in my academics, leadership, athletics, and community service. Throughout the years, my teachers have encouraged me to grow in my Catholic faith. I love being a part of a school that supports me in every way. I will always cherish my Catholic education. It has given me a strong foundation that will help me throughout my life.”

Michelle McNeight, Davidson College sophomore




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