Brevard Art Show

An education in the arts is crucial for students to grow into innovative, well-rounded leaders. With the Brevard County Catholic Schools Student Art Show coming up on April 16th, we wanted to highlight the benefits of students participating in the arts. Learn how everything from theater to painting can help your child develop lifelong skills:

Motor Skills

Younger children in particular benefit from the arts because they get the chance to develop their fine motor skills. Simple things such as holding a paintbrush, drawing a circle, or cutting out different shapes allow students to gain coordination and explore their environment.


Compared to math or science, the arts allow students better ways to express themselves. They’re given a creative outlet where they’re encouraged to be innovative and take risks. Children engage and enhance their creative thinking skills to best communicate their vision to others. This benefits them in the future as they solve problems, write papers, and put together projects and presentations.


The phrase “practice makes perfect” is a cliché for a reason, and your student gets to see this firsthand in the arts. Learning an instrument takes time; painting a portrait takes time; learning lines for a play takes time. Students in the arts learn that hard work and diligence pay off, and persevering through challenges is an important life skill.


It can be a struggle to obtain new skills or to push through time-consuming projects. Children learn to be patient with themselves and that nothing is accomplished overnight, which helps them to set and achieve goals later on.


Fine arts, such as music, theater, band, and choir, teach students leadership, collaboration, and accountability. Students learn that they are responsible for their contribution to the final performance and that their lack of focus or commitment can affect their entire team — even if they didn’t get the starring role. They learn to gracefully give and receive criticism, and they motivate others when they’re feeling down.

Academic Performance

Arts do more than just develop your child’s creativity; their overall academic performance benefits. They became sustained, self-directed learners. Americans for the Arts released a report stating the young people who regularly participate in the arts are up to four times more likely to compete in a math and science fair or win a literacy award than children who are not involved in the arts.

Join Us

Make sure to mark your calendar for the Brevard County Catholic Schools free Art Show on April 16th from 4-7 PM at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, 5655 Stadium Parkway, Viera. The event will include judged artwork from students among nine Catholic schools who are in kindergarten through 12th grade. In addition to an impressive display of artwork and student musical performances, light refreshments will be served. The Art Show features a hands-on arts and crafts area and a “Picture Yourself as a Famous Artist” photo booth.

At Brevard County Catholic Schools, we challenge students to be creative and critical thinkers who integrate faith, moral leadership, and compassionate service to make a better world. Through a low student-teacher ratio, classroom technology, and a variety of enrichment activities, we strive to inspire excellence in our students. Contact us to learn more!