Spirituality and Stress Relief

Daily life is filled with stressful situations, and it can be hard to find ways to relieve all that tension. Students deal with so much at a young age, such as homework, sports, friends, and more. Using what is already taught at private schools in Brevard County, students can incorporate their faith into reducing stress. 

Finding Purpose
Spirituality can help create or find a sense of purpose. It’s important to encourage children to find these opportunities, especially at a young age. When a child feels they have a role to play in the world, it can allow them to stress less over minute details. 

Releasing Control
When feeling stressed, it’s important for children to note that they are not in control of anything but themselves. Try to remind your children that God has a plan. A child may believe something is their fault. For example, upcoming tests, fitting in at school, or saturated schedules are all stressors. This is where releasing control into the hands of God will make them feel relieved.

Making Connections
It’s important to stay centered when stress throws mental states for a loop. Finding purpose and releasing control allow for greater connections to the world, as well as fostering better relationships. The best version of anyone is when they’re present, focused, and aware of their actions. Connecting spirituality with one’s self means connection with the world. Your child could become aware of their surroundings, leaders, and beliefs. This feeling is empowering, which can avoid feelings of tension. 

Attending Church
Attending church allows students to form their faith while deepening their relationship with God, as well as to adopt certain values and morals that are pervasive in the congregation. Hearing the word of God while surrounded by friends and family can provide a sense of belonging and relief from the challenges of daily life. 

Try to incorporate time for prayer and reflection into your child’s schedule. The time that your child spends in prayer helps to bring inner peace and self-awareness. When practiced often, the benefits are tremendous including eliminating worry and anxiety, increasing confidence, and creating peacefulness. Also, allow a safe space for your child to reach out to trusted friends, family, or advisors. 

At Brevard County schools, we challenge students to be creative and critical thinkers who integrate faith, moral leadership, and compassionate service to make a better world. Through a low student-teacher ratio, classroom technology, and a variety of enrichment activities, we strive to inspire excellence in our students. Contact us to learn more!