Outdoor Science Experiments

In Florida, hotter weather is coming with the summer months right around the corner. Now is the perfect time for these exciting outdoor science experiments! Get ready for the summer season by preparing for a few of our favorite experiments.

S’mores With a Twist
Hoping for s’mores without a hot campfire? With some tinfoil, plastic sheet protectors, tape, and black construction paper, you can transform a pizza box into a DIY summer dessert!

  • Take a leftover pizza box, measure a square two inches from each side, and cut out three of the sides. You’ll now have a flap. 
  • Use tin foil to line the box’s inside and tape black construction paper to the bottom of the box. 
  • Tightly tape down clear plastic sheet protectors to the opening you made earlier.
  • Finally, attach a skewer to the box’s side to prop open the lid. 

Now that you’ve created a DIY oven, you can put s’mores in the box before placing it outside to cook in the sun!

Watermelon Volcano

Try this new twist on a classic DIY activity for some scientific fun — but make sure to place this project on a tray to avoid a mess. 

  • First, cut a small hole on top of a watermelon, as though you were carving a pumpkin. Don’t make the hole too big — it should be just big enough to scoop out the fruit. 
  • After you’ve enjoyed the fresh watermelon as a snack, add a half cup of baking soda to the watermelon, followed by a few squirts of dish soap. 
  • Pour in some vinegar and enjoy the eruption!

Ice Volcano
An ice volcano can be a great alternative if you don’t have a watermelon! 

  • Place a golf ball inside a small bowl and then line the bowl with plastic wrap. 
  • Fill 1/3 of the bowl with baking soda, then top it off with water and some food coloring. 
  • Stick your bowl in the freezer until frozen. 
  • Remove the mold from the plastic wrap and golf ball.
  • Place your volcano outside (to avoid a mess), and pour vinegar into it. You’ll soon have an ice cold volcanic eruption!

As Brevard County Catholic Schools, we love these experiments and hope that you and your children enjoy them too! We also hope to see you as part of our community during the next school year. If you want a school for your child that balances faith with education, consider joining us. You can learn more about Brevard County Catholic Schools here.