Inspiring Your Child to Know God

girl praying

At Catholic schools in Melbourne, we incorporate faith into our curriculum to help students foster a healthy relationship with God. We know that faith reaches beyond the classroom — because they also learn about God at home. As every child is different, they’ll face their own choices and challenges when it comes to their faith. However, there are ways to help them see the path that God wants them to follow.

Be Open About Your Own Faith

As a parent, your children look up to you to guide them through the world. They’ll learn a lot by seeing how you practice your own faith. Be open to sharing your belief with them, and make sure that they can see how you nurture your own relationship with God. Give them a safe space to ask questions about your faith as they explore their own.

Be Open to Conversations and Questions

Our faith is important to us, so it may sometimes be tempting to force children into sharing our beliefs. This may cause them to pull back instead of being open to listening and learning. Instead, encourage open discussion about faith. Ask what they think about God or other scripture that they have read recently. Then, use that as a jumping point to begin having deeper discussions about faith.

Guide and Trust Their Journey

Children have free will and will grow up forming their own opinions. But when raised with respect and understanding, they often follow their parent’s footsteps. Guide them toward a righteous path and trust that they’ll find God — and then watch them flourish under their faith.

At Catholic schools in Melbourne, we challenge students to be creative and critical thinkers who integrate faith, moral leadership, and compassionate service to make a better world. Through a low student-teacher ratio, classroom technology, and a variety of enrichment activities, we strive to inspire excellence in our students. Contact us to learn more!