Study Tips for Success

child studying geometry

Our Brevard County schools understand how important it is for students to practice good study habits. However, it can be challenging to stay motivated throughout the school year. With these simple study tips, you can help your student toss aside ineffective habits and establish strong study strategies!

Stay Distraction-Free

If you look around right now, it’s easy to find distractions that surround you in your everyday life. It can take up to 30 minutes for someone to refocus after being distracted by a TV, buzzing phone, or nearby conversation. Students can be more productive when studying in a space where it’s easy to focus, so remove all possible distractions from your child’s favorite study spot before it’s time to get started.

Take Short Breaks

Trying to focus for several hours at a time can be challenging, so encourage your child to take 3-5 minute breaks every 30 minutes. This makes it easier for her to concentrate, helps her get more accomplished, and prevents fatigue so she can better absorb what she’s learning. It also shows her that it’s important to set her own healthy boundaries.

Plan for Everything

Planning out a homework schedule can be helpful, but homework likely isn’t the only thing on your child’s to-do list. Make sure everything gets written into a planner, including extracurricular activities and planned family time. This helps ensure that no surprises creep up and interrupt valuable study time.

Make Your Routine Work For You

The most important study strategy of all is avoiding routines that don’t work. There’s no point in forcing a routine that doesn’t provide positive results, so help your child make adjustments to her study routine over time until you find the right fit. Once you’ve found an effective routine, consistency is key. 

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