How STREAM Learning Helps Children Succeed

Education has gone through many phases, but there’s always been one goal: student success. With our high-tech society, STEM learning, education based around science, technology, engineering and math, became popular. This evolved into STEAM, which added art into the mix. At our Brevard Catholic Schools, we use a STREAM curriculum. The “R” stands for “religion,” which we believe is an important aspect of a well-rounded education. Here’s how STREAM learning helps the whole child develop:

Integrates Religion and Science

While public education separates religion and science, STREAM education at Catholic schools shows students how they work together. Many scientists who made major discoveries, such as Isaac Newton, also believed in God and spent significant time studying the Bible. Pope Francis has advocated for science education, especially when it comes to climate change. Appreciating natural resources and being good stewards of God’s creations go hand-in-hand. Learning about religion and science together also helps children understand technology and its impact on the world.

Shows Importance of the Arts

In STEM learning, students focus on science, technology, engineering and math. These subjects often go hand-in-hand with religion and the arts. Stained glass windows in churches, for example, are colorful works of faith-based art that require engineering and math skills to create. Religious artwork, from intricately designed Bibles to large-scale paintings, have contributed to keeping traditions alive for thousands of years. Liturgical music helps Christians experience God’s presence, but without music composers, instrumentalists and performers, we wouldn’t be able to experience it today. 

Helps Students Benefit from Technology

Most people in today’s society have at least a baseline understanding of technology. However, students who receive a STREAM education learn how technology can make the world a better place. Catholic principles help them understand the connection between real-life interactions and those made online. While using the internet safely and responsibly, students can spread the joy of faithful living through technology and social media. They can also use online resources to learn about causes like water scarcity and food security around the world.

Prepares Children for the Future

Through STREAM education, students learn every subject and develop an understanding of how they all intertwine. Children learn about how artists, engineers and mathematicians come together to build churches. They learn about Christian scientists and saints who paved the way for modern technology. By connecting all aspects of education, students can prepare for the ever-changing world they will face as adults.

children from OLL planting

Our Lady of Lourdes STREAM Accreditation

In late 2020, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School in Melbourne, part of the Orlando Catholic Diocese, became the first school in Brevard County to receive an official STREAM accreditation. The school has been practicing the STREAM method for some time, engaging students by blending these essential subjects. To read more about how Our Lady of Lourdes achieved its accreditation, read this article.

At Brevard Catholic Schools, we challenge students to be creative and critical thinkers who integrate faith, moral leadership, and compassionate service to make a better world. Through a low student-teacher ratio, classroom technology, and a variety of enrichment activities, we strive to inspire excellence in our students. Contact us to learn more!