Helping Your Child Choose the Right College

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It’s never too early to start planning for life after high school. There are thousands of institutions of higher learning in the United States alone. Your child will need to decide if they’re ready to move out and if they want to continue Catholic education or go another route. Before going on campus tours, see if you can figure out what type of college is best for your child. Help your child choose the right college by considering the following:

Continuing Catholic Education

For some children, Catholic college is the logical next step. These children are dedicated to their studies and their faith. Catholic colleges universally have high retention and graduation rates. They build strong communities through small class sizes and strong traditions. The main difference between Catholic colleges and secular ones is that Catholic colleges integrate faith and reason to provide a well-rounded academic experience. At these institutions, students can major in Christian and pastoral studies. They aren’t limited to these studies, and there are a variety of majors they can pursue.

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Benefits of Private School

Reasons to choose a private school may sound familiar. Like Catholic colleges, they only accept the best applicants. Private school students benefit from being part of a tight-knit community, which they may be accustomed to if they attended Catholic school. Due to small class sizes, students can easily network with classmates and professors. While Catholic schools focus on faith, private schools narrowly focus on education. The one setback private universities have is cost; these schools tend to be more expensive than their Catholic counterparts. 

Attending a Public University

While some students thrive in like-minded communities, others see college as a place to have their ideas challenged. Public universities offer a variety of majors and student organizations. Students can also find Catholic student organizations to join, from faith-based special interest clubs to religious fraternities. State universities typically offer larger athletic programs than private schools, so aspiring athletes can pursue their passions at these schools. While Catholic schools provide structure, public universities offer diversity and freedom from strict rules. Attending a public university is also more affordable than going to a private or Catholic college. However, at these larger schools, students don’t receive one-on-one guidance unless these students seek it out in their free time.

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Other Types of Continued Education

Graduating high school is a monumental step in a child’s life. For some, the next step isn’t necessarily going to a four-year college. If your child is ready to get right to work in a technical field, a two-year trade or vocational school may be a better bet. On the other hand, if your child is not sure about their career path, community college can help guide them. They can take relatively inexpensive classes, then move onto a bachelor’s program or start their career. At Brevard Catholic schools, we encourage students to explore every available option before making a decision.

Whatever they choose to do after they graduate, we focus on preparing our students for life in college and beyond. At Brevard private schools, we challenge students to be creative and critical thinkers who integrate faith, moral leadership, and compassionate service to make a better world. Through a low student-teacher ratio, classroom technology, and a variety of enrichment activities, we strive to inspire excellence in our students. Contact us to learn more!