Scholarships & Financial Assistance

A well-rounded education at Brevard County Catholic Schools is within reach of every child. Families now have more power to choose the best learning environment for their children through a variety of scholarship and financial assistance opportunities offered via state, nonprofit and parish programs.

Here is a list of what scholarships are currently available to Florida families and where you can submit an application. 

Income-Based Scholarships 

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship 

This scholarship program expands educational opportunities for children of families with limited financial resources, helping them achieve a higher level of excellence. The program provides support for tuition and fees at eligible private schools and aids more than 100,000 students each year.     

Family Empowerment Scholarship 

This state-funded K-12 scholarship makes private schools more affordable for families. It’s also the first of its kind to extend support to middle-class families. With the FES program, more parents have the ability to determine the best educational environment for their children. 

Disability-Based Scholarships

McKay Scholarship Program  

Students with disabilities are eligible to attend a public or private school of their choice through the McKay Scholarship Program. The program is available for K-12 students with a learning disability, intellectual disability, or other health impairment. 

Gardiner Scholarship 

Through the Gardiner Scholarship, parents can individualize educational plans for their children with certain special needs. The scholarship is used for a combination of programs, including schools, specialists, curriculum and technology. 

School-Based Scholarships

Parish Support

Many of our school parishes offer scholarships to their affiliate schools. Please contact any of our Catholic elementary schools to see what scholarship opportunities are available through their respective parishes.

MCC Scholarships

Melbourne Central Catholic High School offers several scholarships to make its college preparatory education accessible to all students. These include merit-based scholarships for incoming freshmen who take the Scholarship Placement Exam. 

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Where to Apply

The below scholarship funding organizations administer the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, Family Empowerment Scholarship, and Gardiner Scholarship

(888) 707-2465 |

(877) 735-7837 |

The Florida Department of Education administers the McKay Scholarship Program

(800) 447-1636

Visit these websites to learn more about eligibility requirements and to apply for a scholarship. A family may not accept a scholarship from more than one of these programs at the same time. 

For more information about the benefits of an exceptional education at Brevard Catholic Schools, schedule a tour at one of our nine schools today.